For Women Questioning the Health of Their Relationships and Women Healing From Destructive Relationships


lowercoxbridgePlease join JAC Patrissi at the lovely Lower Coxbridge House in Somserset for a special 2-day retreat on November 7 through 9, 2016.

JAC Patrissi is a relationship expert and trauma therapist, advocate, and international author of “Should I Stay or Should I Go?: A Guide to Knowing if Your Relationship Can—and Should—be Saved.

For questions and registration, contact:

COST: £360 British pounds includes meals, accommodations and program.


Together, we will explore…

What is Going On?

Is or was it abuse? Chronic immaturity? Did your partner have unresolved mental health issues? (like trauma or abuse) How about addiction? Were or are many of these intertwined, like a perfect storm? Find clarity.

How Abuse Has Affected Our Lives

By learning and safely sharing about the impacts of relationship abuse, we will move away from isolation and self-blame, and take the first step toward recovery.

Regaining Faith in Ourselves

Together, we will practice exercises to reclaim ourselves, feeling our self-confidence and self-regard grow. Destructive dynamics can silence us, so we will work on rediscovering our true voice and reclaiming power while learning and practicing healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety.

Regaining Faith in Others

Forming (or repairing) close connections to friends and relatives accelerates healing. We will learn how to make good decisions about which people to confide in, and then work on overcoming blocks to trusting again in the face of past betrayals.

Building a New Life that Works

Each woman will create personalized strategies for moving forward, including considering what it takes to enter into a new intimate relationship without ending up with another abuser, learning how to build and keep healthy boundaries. For those still in relationships you are questioning, we will identify a next step forward.

Leaving the Past Behind

We will learn strategies to heal the pain of abuse so that we can stop feeling confined by the wrongs that have been done, moving instead into freedom. We will learn how to begin to build a lasting support system to help us through this healing process, as we find joy again.


• Large and Small Group discussions
• Small Group planning for individual healing
• Structured emotional support
• Safe Movement Activities
• Art Projects
• Singing
• Laughing
• Relaxation Exercises
• Free time
• Shared Meals
• Walks
• Meditation or yoga (optional)

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JAC Patrissi is a Communications Specialist who uses writing, performance art, training and collaborative facilitation in order to support healing for women who are questioning the health of their relationships or who are healing from destructive relationships. This is her blog.